Electric scooters

Electric Scooters

The greener solution

What are the advantages of using an electric motorcycle?

With improved urban mobility, the integration of new interconnected technologies and load capacities, electric scooters help you to optimize and modernise your fleet.

An electric scooter meets all the requirements of the new European legislation in the field of electric vehicles, and uses new technologies to enable the rider to enjoy permanent interconnection with the local environment.

Electric scooters have better urban autonomy than other vehicles in its class, incorporating removable batteries to allow a quick charging process, making your everyday life that much easier. There is no acoustic and atmospheric pollution. There is up to a 95% saving in annual consumption. A reduction of 80% in annual maintenance time. All achieved without filters, oils and plugs.

Torrot Muli Executive

Which make can I choose?

We are the only UK supplier of Torrot electric scooters.

The Torrot looks and drives like a petrol scooter but offers zero noise and zero pollution thus providing access to all urban zones closed to traffic.

With removable batteries that are charged used a standard 3 pin plug in 4 hours, this is the perfect city scooter. 

You can also download the Torrot app in order to change the display panel and view driver statistics and battery and performance data.

If you want to do your bit for the environment, and not compromise on style, economy or performance then the Torrot is the scooter for you! 

Please visit www.torrot.com for further information, and to see the benefits of using electric scooters.

Why choose Grafton Fleet Motorcycles for your electric scooter requirements?

We have a proven partnership with Torrot, and we have been active in the motorcycle market for over 40 years. 

We offer a true one-stop service solution for your electric scooter requirements.

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