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What are the advantages of buying your own motorcycle fleet?

There are many benefits for your business if this is the route you choose for your requirements:

  • You own the motorcycles, so that are an asset to your business
  • You can sell the motorcycles at anytime
  • There is no mileage penalty
  • There are no worries about past history

What are the factors to consider when buying your own motorcycle fleet?

You know what is best and most appropriate for your business. If you are not certain about the options available to you, we are happy to discuss your choices with you.

Which makes of motorcycle can I choose from?

You can choose any make of bike to suit your preference and requirements.

Why choose Grafton Fleet Motorcycles with your motorcycle purchase?

  • We are the only UK company that offers a one-stop solution for fleet and electric motorcycles. 
  • We have a proven track record of success built up over many years.
  • We can supply all equipment for food delivery so that your bike is ready to go!

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